“How much food do I need to eat to gain weight?” 

 ”What is the best workout for skinny guys who want to build muscle fast?

 ”Can I really build muscle while maintaining a busy schedules as a student/office worker?”

 ”Do I really need to take supplements to build muscle?”

These are just some of the questions that this site hopes to provide you answers with.

Building muscle from a skinny frame can seem to be a daunting and complicated thing. Especially to people who are not into body building.

Getting into shape and adding healthy lean mass in the form of muscle is comprised of 3 aspects. Namely, working out and exercising, getting the right nutrition, and getting the right amount of rest.

 There are a lot of literature and tutorials out there in the form of magazines, videos, articles, e-books, etc. And all of them work for most people, however, there are just some people who just can build muscle effectively even after trying countless of means and ways.

I’m actually one of those guys who have tried a lot of natural means and ways within my capability to build muscle and gain weight, but I’ve actually failed many times. I’ve come to realize that the reason behind my failure to build muscle is not the lack of time , and not the lack of effort, but failing to build a habit of building muscle.

Getting into shape is not a an overnight process nor can it be done in just a month or two. Given the average non-gifted person, building just a pound of muscle could take a month or two with the optimal exercise and nutrition. What more for a guy like me who has been skinny all of his life?

Building the habit of getting into shape and building muscle is the key to effectively gaining healthy weight. And you’d be surprised how much valuable information can be found here.

Where do I Start From Here?

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Wishing you the best of luck.

-Jonathan Carl, Just Another Former Skinny Person

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