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Here are the 10 Commandments that every skinny dude must adhere to lest he be subject to muscle loss, fatigue, stress, and bloat.

Thou Shall Not Skip Thy Meals And Endeavor To Eat The Right Stuff

Skipping meals promotes fat gain and muscle loss. And always eat just the right food.

Honor Thy Trainer / Instructor / Training Partner

If you have a good trainer / training partner, be a good client / training partner to her / him too. I cannot give enough value to the importance of a good training partner / instructor.

Thou Shall Not Over do It

Don’t overeat, overexercise, or stay rested for too long.

Thou Shall Not Hold Thine Breath While Working Out

The power of breathing is all mighty, and failure to do so is also risky.

Drink Plenty of Water Lest RISK having Kidney Problems

If you’re taking in much protein and some are from muscle gain supplements, drink as much water as you can every trip to the bathroom.

Thou Shall Not Skip Weekly Workouts Lest Return to Thine Weaker Form

Skipping workouts for weeks on end will make you lose muscle and make us weaker.

Monitor Thine Progress And Overall Health

Stay motivated, and stay conscious of your health. Take care of your health above all else in ourĀ  program.
You cannot workout while sick. The sick or injured don’t gain muscle that easily.


Shoulders and wrists in particular are prone to injury. Always remember to lock your shoulders when doing stretches or pulling exercises. Always tuck-in your lower back and observe proper form. If you get a shoulder injury (rotator cuff injury) similar to what I had back in college, you won’t be able to build muscle quickly.

Thou Shall Not Do Intense Cardio Workout Less Risk Muscle Loss at Start of Weight Gain Program

Although cardio is good as it can provide more nutrient circulation all throughout the body. Doing intense cardio before your workout will reduce the intensity of the workout itself. For skinny guys, high intensity workouts with progressive overloading is key to building muscle.

So it’s best to keep high intensity workouts at a minimum on workout days.

Rest Thine Body Adequately Every Night To BUILD MUSCLE QUICKLY

Find time to at least sleep 6-8 hours every 24 hours. Or practice polyphasic sleep if you like. As long as you can give it your very best in every work out, it means your body is okay with regards to sleep. This+1Share via emailSubmit to redditSubmit to StumbleUponShare on TumblrShare on Twitter



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