Nov 112012
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In gaining muscle the healthy way, I’ve learned that we can’t take too much or too little protein. We only need to take in our daily protein requirement.

During workout days, we increase the multiplier just a bit to compensate for the extra work we do.

Too much protein will lead to your body just dumping it out and even risk of various kidney diseases due to proteinuria.

But eating too little will ensure difficulty for skinny guys to add more muscle mass due to protein deficiency.

So after calculating just how much grams of protein you need on :

how much protein you need

After a rough estimate of how much protein you need to take just before ending the day, you can use this basic diagram to calculate how much protein you’ve already taken and need to take to make sure all your workout is not put to waste:

Daily Protein Requirement Catch-up Chart

How to use the diagram:

The diagram illustrates just how much protein there is in 100 calories of each pure food source.

For example, although raw egg white is high in protein, 1 egg has approximately only 16 calories and 3.6 grams of protein. If you need, let’s say 20 grams of protein, you’d need to eat around 5-6 egg’s worth of egg whites.

Or alternatively 1 scoop of whey protein that has 160 calories will have almost 20+ grams(depending on which brand).

Here are some notes on each source:

Except for trans fat and hydrogenated fat, some fats are actually healthy and are actually essential in weight gain and muscle building.

  • Whey Protein – fairly complete with all essential amino acids needed for fast absorption of the protein. Effective as post-workout supplement. 1 serving usually already has 20+g of protein
  • Egg white – very low fat protein source, but each large egg only contains 3.6 g. from egg white. Using this alone to meet your highest daily protein requirement isn’t easy.
  • Cod – surprisingly good protein source with low fat. I have not tried it yet though.
  • Chicken Breast – best served roasted for a healthier you.
  • Tuna – Some tuna packaging contain omega-3 oils that’s good for the heart.
  • Lean beef – for burger patties to be juicy, they need to contain more fat beef than lean beef.
  • Chicken thigh part – generally more cheap than chicken breast.
  • Tofu – Very healthy source of protein that has cancer-fighting benefits as well as
  • Whole egg – the egg red is very high in cholesterol
  • Lean pork – quite easy to separate from fatty pork, also tastes good when grilled
  • Soy Milk – low in fat, vegan-friendly. 1 serving usually has 8g of non-animal protein.
  • Fresh milk – Also available in non-fat form. 1 glass usually 3.9 g of protein
  • Almonds – one of the most advocated nuts.

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