Oct 022012
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Back in the year 2010 to 2011, for six months I struggled to gain some muscle mass and strength.

Every other day I’d go to the gym, do some cardio, lift some weights, do some explosive workouts, eat some protein rich food, and repeat the process over and over again for the duration of 6 months.

I had to stop the routine after I suffered from a rotator cuff injury on my shoulders for failing to lock them in one of my workouts.

I’m actually glad that I had stopped as I had already hit my plateau and did not gain any more muscle mass or reduce any more fat.

The end result was that I only had gained around 10 lbs and less than half of that was not muscle.

The reason why I failed to achieve my goal of getting a powerful and mean looking bod was not attributed to my shoulder injury, but to two of the 3 major reasons I found to be what hinders most of the skinny community.

Lack of Planning

I am actually a victim of this. I did not know what to eat, when to eat the right food, and what muscles to workout. I had a plan, however, it was not the correct one for my body type.

At that time I did not know anyone who had similar goals as mine, and just researched workouts from the net. Little did I know that they were for strength gain and toning rather than for adding muscle.

Also, after reading one or two articles off the net, I ate all the wrong types of food at the wrong time, resulting in more muscle loss than gain most of the time. I lost some fat in the process, but that was not worth all the time that could have been spent to add more muscle and strength.

Just recently this year, I have consulted an expert who has provided a thorough plan for me, and so far working out the plan has given me results that far exceeded the results of my 6-month endeavor in the past.

Lack of Motivation

At times, I see most people lacking the motivation to workout or continue working out.

For me, I have 3 motivations to continue my plan to achieve my fitness goal. One is the fact that I don’t want to waste the opportunity that God has given me to develop his gifts. Two, I don’t want to waste the time, effort, and money spent in getting into shape. And lastly, I want to do things for myself so I can further educate myself to educate other people, like the readers as well.

It’s not all that easy. There are a lot of things that always try to keep me off track, but with the right motivation, all of us can be reminded that we are on the right track and our efforts will go to waste .

Lack of Discipline

Boasting aside, I was never a victim of this hurdle. I always went to my training sessions, did the best of my ability all those sessions as long as my body could stand it.

I follow a loose diet plan that doesn’t restrict me from eating anything, but I also don’t eat the food that I know are not according to the plan.

However, I’ve seen a lot of people lacking this aspect in life, myself included (in some aspects other than building my body). And as much as I’ve wanted to correct myself and others, the only way I think we can improve this is by shear will power.

If you’ve seen how movie actors get into shape for a role, you’d understand that this sort of thing takes tremendous amounts of self discipline. They follow a strict diet, strict workout plan, and even take the necessary steps just to achieve the body for the role on time.

For most of us busy people with careers, it’s impossible to workout and get nutrition like these actors/celebrities/athletes, but it’s important that we still emulate the discipline they have in building our bodies.


http://forskinnyguysonly.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/thunmb-150x150.jpgDigg This+1Share via emailSubmit to redditSubmit to StumbleUponShare on TumblrShare on Twitter



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