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In order to grow or add muscle to our physique, we skinny guys have to consume enough protein to repair our muscles after a muscle-building workout at the gym.

Besides the daily does of protein our body’s internal organs need to function normally, our worn-out muscles also need some extra nourishment.

It’s a general rule to take more protein after a workout and moderately enough protein to both repair the muscles and keep vital organ function during non-workout days.

Failure to consume extra protein will leaves our muscles unable to repair the microtears we have inflicted during the workout because our internal organs are the priority of the body.

Here are 3 things to watch out for if you do decide that your daily does of protein is not enough

Proteinuria From Taking Too Much Protein

When getting too much protein from food and supplements is coupled with not drinking enough water, disaster is bound to happen.

During our annual physical exam, I was diagnosed with proteinuria, a case wherein they found too much protein in my urine.

The reason was due to failure to to drink water because I thought fasting blood sugar required me not to drink or eat anything the night before the exam.

If not acted upon, proteinuria can damage the kindeys. Hence, you should only take enough protein by calculating the daily calorie and protein requirement for your current weight and height.

Not Getting Hydrated Enough

Let’s say you are just getting just enough protein through your body right now to adhere to muscle growth.

Just the same, you need to set yourself to auto re-hydrate. I myself drink 12oz of water every time I take a trip to the bathroom and make sure my urine is almost always colorless.

Failure to drink enough water will still damage your kidneys in the long run if you are taking just enough protein to get ripped.

White Shirts Being Stained By Protein Drinks

Lastly, be careful when shaking your protein drink in a shaker, as well as drinking from the shaker.

I was a victim of protein drink splashing on my white workout shirt as I was gulping the protein shake down.

Like other protein stains, protein drinks that have been mixed well is very hard to remove, especially when it has already dried.

I tried removing the stain but I decided to just let it go and save me the trouble.

Clean the containers right after using as well. Especially for plastic shakers, the smell of some protein shake leftovers can leave it smelling like garbage in a matter of hours. This+1Share via emailSubmit to redditSubmit to StumbleUponShare on TumblrShare on Twitter



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