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While trying to bulk up, many of us skinny guys have these notions that “if Christian Bale could do it in just a few months (from the Machinist to Batman Begins), then we surely can to”.

However, that doesn’t seem to be the case for us, because each of us are born differently.

It could be that some people get ripped and bulk up easily while others have a bit of a harder time.

Nonetheless, here are 5 facts we must face whether we like it or not.

It’s Not That Easy To Have An Ideal Celebrity-like Body

If getting the body you like is so easy (unless you have low standards), then your ideal physique wouldn’t be that worth striving for since most people have it already.

Building muscle and gaining weight is not that easy to do, especially without the correct knowledge, workout, and nutrition.

And it is even more difficult to get ripped after.

Progress Will Never Be A Steady Climb

No matter how good your nutrition may be or how good your program is, it’s never going to be a steady climb because our bodies have a more difficult time gaining and maintaining muscle as we gain more muscle.

We gain strength, lift more, eat more of the right food, and repeat the process over and over, but it gets harder and harder as more muscle is being put on.

For skinny people, the first week or month change is going to be a bit more dramatic than the succeeding months. And gaining muscle will always be that hard hence forth.

When Trying to Bulk Up, There Is A Limit As To How Much You Can Gain At a Time

Yes, ideally, even with the best workout, the best nutrition, and optimal rest, we skinny guys can only gain a limited amount of muscle per week depending on how muscular, how tall, and how fat we already are.

It Takes Months To Years Before You Actually Get That Six Pack

Some people take less time to get that six pack, and some books, videos, and ads claim to be able to deliver a ripped 6-pack in just a few months, but given the lifestyle most of us have, it takes months if not years to achieve.

Belly fat is not easily dismissed. It’s where you store fat first and it’s the last place fat stays when you’re burning fat.

You need to be at around 10-6 % fat to be able to flaunt those six-packs, but until then you’ll most likely even have a hard time gaining muscle and weight that you’d forget about getting a six-pack first.(unless that’s the only thing you’re aiming for) This+1Share via emailSubmit to redditSubmit to StumbleUponShare on TumblrShare on Twitter



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