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Taking supplements to build muscle and gain weight is actually not really a bad thing (unless in over dosage). But most people have this notion that “taking supplements is not a natural way to add muscle and they’d be better off just eating their way to meet their daily requirements.”

First off, supplements without proper diet and exercise = nothing. Supplements are just their to ensure we get the most out of our efforts and I don’t consider them shortcuts.

The way I view taking supplements to build muscle and gain weight is like taking multivitamins, or taking vitamin C.

If you live in the rural areas where completely organic fruits, vegetables, and nutrient sources are abundant and cost-effective,  then you wouldn’t need to take multivitamins or vitamin C.

It’s the same as taking supplements to build muscle and gain weight. If you could “ideally” time the moment you eat the “right amount of food” that you need to with respect to when you exercise, and eat as much food to get just the right amounts of protein, nitrogen, carbs, amino acids, etc, then there’s absolutely no need for you to take supplements.

But if you’re like me, who:

  • works 8-10 hours a day
  • doesn’t have time to cook
  • doesn’t have time to go to the wet market
  • lives in the urban areas where meat and veggies don’t come as cheap
  • can’t possibly obtain the amount of nutrients from ordinary food on a workout day

then you’d better consider these 4 reasons why it’s advisable for us busy skinny guys to take supplements:

At Some Point, Supplements are Actually a lot Cheaper Than Getting the Requirements From The Source

If you consider 1 scoop of advanced protein containing 30g of protein, essential amino acids, etc, that’s worth 0.85 dollars and compare it with 30g of protein obtained through organic chicken breast, egg whites, or fish, you’d most likely have a better savings if you took the 1 scoop of protein.

The Supplements Are Scientifically Engineered to Be Easily Absorbed By the Body

In order for us skinny guys to make the most out of our hard workout at the gym, we need to be metabolizing the protein at least 45 min after the workout for muscle mass gain. But considering different food having different ways of being metabolized, it’s hard to time when to eat the food for maximum effect.

Advanced protein as well as other gainers and supplements make it easier for us to make the most of our workouts by being easy-to-absorb and metabolize, saving us the trouble of having to rely on chance or experiment.

They Save You A Hell Lot of Time and Effort Thinking About What Foods You’ll Need to Eat

So, you’ve calculated a requirement of 150 g of protein on a workout day?
Oh that’s easy, you’d only have to time your meals with your workout and meet the requirement. 1 egg has about 6.6 g of protein. A can of tuna? around 40g of protein. What’s that you say? It’s time-consuming to think calculate? Just take some supplements and calculate from there, it’d be much easier filling the gaps.

They Save Us Time

If you plan to not take supplements, it means preparing the food, planning the food you need to eat, etc. Personally, I’d prefer to outsource this one and enjoy the freedom of not being to strict on meal planning.

Disclaimer: I am not advocating the use of any supplements. Personally I only take advanced protein and amino acid tables on workout days just to meet my nutritional requirements. On non-workout days, I live off whatever natural food I can get my hands on. And, no, steroids are nt This+1Share via emailSubmit to redditSubmit to StumbleUponShare on TumblrShare on Twitter



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