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I’ve done my research, compiled some old notes, and surveyed quite a number of women from different ethnicity, age group, and social statuses, and have found out that at least almost 75% of women of the legal age find buff or fit guys more attractive than skinny guys.

Without further ado, here are the 5 reasons why a lot of women find fit and muscular guys more attractive than skinny guys.

What Being Fit Means

Being fit gives cues to better genetics, more self discipline, the ability to take care of one’s self, the sign of good health and socioeconomic stability.

Of course people don’t consciously judge people by the way they look, however it cannot be dismissed that girls prefer guys who look healthy.

Being overly skinny will make it seem that you’re underweight. And being underweight is a sign of malnutrition or lack of physical activity or worse, some kind of disease.

It’s hard to admit that we do judge people by how they look to some extent, especially in first impressions. Not to mention confidence does come with the territory of  looking great and being fit.


Just as men are generally attracted to healthy-looking perky-chested women who have fair complexion, symmetric face, and the works due to the underlying psychological need to find a good mate, same goes with women.

They find big, manly men, in general with a nice set of assets as a suitable mate as well. There are exceptions to this, however, as some women have different brain wiring, but generally the reason why women prefer to be approached by fit healthy-looking men, is that they find them to be a viable candidate to be their mate due to genetics.

We don’t know this and don’t really think about this, but it is buried deep down within our primal instinct.

Psychologically They Feel Bigger Guys Can Make Them Help Feel More Secure

Much like in the animal kingdom and the early age of man, healthy-looking men with symmetric body builds are first in line to choose their girl.

In the animal kingdom, this is displayed in mating or courting rituals, such as the dears, the goats, numerous other animals.

Bigger and more stronger men are preferred instinctively by the primal instinct of the female as they have this initial intuition that bigger stronger manlier guys makes good fathers, providers and defenders of their family and of themselves.

Society and Evolution Find Bigger Guys More Attractive Than Skinny Guys

When girls were subjected to a test for physical attractiveness, they always choose the ones who look fitter over the skinny and overweight ones. Not to mention taller males have also been found to be more physically attractive to shorter ones.

This is just natural nature of human beings to find more healthier specimens of our own kind as more attractive.

Other primates and mammals and even birds share the same behavior when choosing a mate. Since in nature, the more physically developed the mate, the higher the chance it is to produce an offspring with good genetics.

This behavior is more primal, but humans to some extent are not entirely exempted. Of course attraction is more than skin deep, however in terms of physical attraction, the female crowd seem to still prefer taller, more fit-looking guys, over unhealthy-looking ones.


In conclusion

Even though it’s only skin-deep. Being a nice dependable seductively smart guy pays off in the long run after the initial introductions are done and you already know a bit about each other, but being ripped and well-built with muscle can also help you make a good first impression and garner some of the ladies’ attention coupled with some good fashion sense of course. This+1Share via emailSubmit to redditSubmit to StumbleUponShare on TumblrShare on Twitter



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