Oct 312012
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I have been working out at home ever since high school but have not achieved a better physique as  when I got a membership at the local fitness club. The reason why it has not worked for me might be the reason why it will not work for you.

But just to give working out at home the benefit of the doubt. Here are the 4 reasons why people prefer to workout at home instead of working out at the gym and why I don’t think it’s very effective.

Reason #1: Cost-effectiveness

Yeah, it takes around 5000 USD to get a quality workout station at home in 1st world countries, and even cheaper if you don’t prefer the works. And a membership at the local fitness club would cost almost as expensive as 5000 USD in a certain amount of time.

But here are some of my thoughts about this. For people who move from place to place, or like to travel, it’d be better to get a membership at a fitness club that has a lot of branches since the workout station isn’t mobile.

Even Bruce Lee, back when he had to move from the United States to Hong Kong, had to painstakingly move his workout equipment as well. But it was his preference, what can I say.

Also, I actually prefer paying the fitness club a fee to maintain the gym and let me train there, since not only do I get motivated to get my money’s worth, I also don’t have to clean up after myself.

Being a busy skinny guy, who had more time to spend at the office than on the bed, I had no time to clean up after myself. I needed to pay the price, but I also made the price a motivation to do my best and get my money’s worth.

Reason #2: Convenience

No need to drive some miles to get to the local health club and waste some time, you say? Well, yeah, actually you’ve got a good point. But unless you’re living so far away from the local fitness club, you might not even need to drive all the way there.

If you’d like to save some time, why not do it like me, and job/sprint/run to your local fitness club. I don’t do this when it rains, of course, but I do get my cardio out of it, so when I arrive, I can do the program right away.

Plus, most fitness clubs have multiple branches in one city, chances are you have one just within walking or running distance.

The reason why I also did not gain much when I was working out at home out of convenience is that it was so convenient, I constantly put it on hold and do the not-so-important things first.

Reason #3: Home is Where The Heart Is

Yes, people like to be close to their loved ones. Your family can provide motivation, support, some food, and even clean up after the workstation. Also, people just want to stay with their loved ones as much as possible.

As much as I like to spend time with my loved ones, I also want to grow as well. Whenever I used to train at home, people could also easily ask me to do other stuff too, not understanding the significance of 1-minute rests in between reps.

However, despite this, I’d still prefer to workout with my loved ones, but at the local fitness club instead where everyone is there for the same reason, to train and get fit.

Reason #4: No Scheduling Necessary

Yes, this is absolutely a positive thing. No scheduling necessary when you workout at home, you only need to go to your workout station and start working out anytime you want.

I always believed this was so, up until I knew there was a very efficient and productive time to train and build muscle, in the afternoon/evening. There is a scientific fact behind this and I also have found it rather true.

Like I said, not needing to schedule your workouts will lead you to putting it off and not strictly adhere to what we recommend, which will most likely lead to muscle burn, added fat, or worse, injury or lousy workouts.


If you have the budget, and you’re as busy as I am, choose a local fitness club or gym that does not have a low machine-people ratio, where people don’t fall in line just to use the bench press. Keep in mind the tips above and remember not to spoil yourself.

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