Oct 012012
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Adding muscle, sculpting the body, gaining strength, and gaining weight is both an art and a science. It takes a lot of time to perfect the art but just takes a shorter amount of time to learn the science behind it.

Just like any branch of science, Anatomy and the art of muscle building have a lot of false information floating about that often mislead people. Aside from that, every person has his/her own formula for success.

These are just 5 of the mistakes I used to make while I tried to build my body in the years 2010 to 2011.

Protein is King

Back in the day, the idea of being a lean mean fighting machine was my picture of the ideal body build. The goal was for me to achieve around 4 to 1 percent body fat and have a body composition of mostly muscle.

In my attempts to do that I only ate high protein food, ate less fatty and carb-rich food. The results were relatively disappointing than the results of my current diet.

The incorrect food composition of 60-80% protein not only left me underweight and with less energy, it also made aided in muscle loss and merited me a diagnosis of proteinuria in one of my urinary tests.

The ideal food composition that I am following now is comprised only of 20-25% protein. That means out of 3000 calories I eat per day, roughly 600 calories are made is composed of protein-rich food like milk, egg whites, supplements, and other white meat.

More Food is Always Good in Weight Gain

Mid way in my latest endeavor to gain weight, from the start of July to mid August. I forced myself to eat as much as I can whenever I can. Later finding out that this approach in gaining weight works and works rather fast, but is relatively unhealthy to the right way.

The correct way is to eat the right amount of calories in a day, but in evenly spread out intervals. Also, the quality of food must be excellent. Before I took charge, I ate almost any type of food as long as it satiated my hunger, but that proved to only add to my metabolic age and also added more fat than muscle.

Not only the quality and amount of food affect how you build your body, but also the timing. Pre-workout and post-workout meals helped me tremendously to recover and build more muscle.

All Forms of Exercise can help me gain muscle

Fact: not all forms of exercise can build muscle. When it comes muscle development, there are 3 aspects that can be developed. These are endurance, strength, and mass. Not only are there exercises for each aspect, changing the reps, cadence, and resistance of each exercise will also change the effects of each exercise.

The general rule of thumb here is that if you want to gain muscle mass, you have to have a slow cadence, moderately heavy resistance/weight, and 8-10 reps per set for each exercise with at least around 1-3 minutes rest per set.

The 4k run prior to working out

Striving for that 0-4% fat body composition as well as that ego-stroke at the gym, I used to run at around 6-9 kmh on the treadmill prior to working out a circuit. A big no-no in building up body mass.

This not only burned up my muscle a bit, it also left me with way lesser energy to lift heavier weights. And since I did not eat the right food composition back in the day, this further sabotaged my chance at building strength and muscle.

High Intensity Compound Exercises and Circuits

I’m not saying that high intensity compound exercises are not for people who want to gain muscle. It’s just that it was not as effective as doing isolated exercises, especially for beginners. And that includes me.

Doing deadlifts, pull ups, and other high intensity workouts in the form of circuits are very effective for people who already have the muscle strength and endurance, but for skinny people these are not the exercises to go for.

I only attempted these sort of exercises after attempting to do the regimen given to the cast of the 300 Spartans back in 2006-07.

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