Nov 072012
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I’ve been skinny all my life for various reasons. But I’ve always found out out ways to overcome these obstacles. I was able to gain weight and add muscle mass over the past few months of this year, just starting late July.

Genetics Plays a Vital Role In Weight and Muscle Gain


There is no denying that genetics play a very huge role in who we are today. But just like almost any aspect in our lives (including intelligence, muscle composition, and athleticism), this hurdle can be overcome with the right means.

Sure, it is discouraging to think that some people are gifted with the genes of a super athlete; able to build muscle relatively easy, tall, strong, and lean without much effort, while some people are endowed with an accountant’s body; everything opposite of the former.

How I Got Over It: Even though it’s immensely hard to defy what genetics and heredity has bestowed upon us, skinny people, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that 1 + 1 is 2 and that garbage in equals garbage out.

How our bodies work will still be the same with almost the rest of the human beings on this planet. How we can add more weight and muscle mass is really up to us.

Much like people who were predisposed to be failures but still rise to the top through their own efforts, we skinny guys can also achieve it by following a set of guidelines and avoiding certain mistakes.

Hobbies, Habits, and The Comfort Zone

My favorite sport is swimming, my favorite activity as a kid was martial arts, my favorite mode of transportation was biking(until my bike got stolen), was picky when it came to food, and I loved staying late at night(as I do now).

Sensing a pattern here?

I had an acquaintance at the local fitness club who was also skinny, was taking supplements, nourishing his body much like I do. Working out the same way as I am, but doesn’t get around to getting just as buff as me.

The reason was because he loved dancing. And thus he burns more calories than he actually needs to burn. When our internal organs need sustenance, our body prioritizes them and leaves little or none for muscle development.

Swimming is a very healthy and awesome activity, but did you know that Michael Phelps has to eat almost 20,000 calories a day just to swim the way he does?

Reason being swimming exposes our bodies to the cold water and in reaction our bodies need to burn more calories to heat ourselves up and avoid hypothermia. Hence, not only do your paddles and kicks burn calories, being in the pool already burns some calories.

How I got over this hurdle: Having read, studied, and analyzed all activities I am doing on a daily basis, I’ve come to adjust my sleeping habits, eating habits, playing habits, as well as working habits in accordance to how nature works.

If I plan to swim, I take extra food. If I go on long trips, I pack snacks and so on.

Lack of Motivation, Attitude, and Discipline to Gain Weight And Add Muscle Mass

In order to gain muscle mass, one must exercise regularly. I only workout 4 hours a week, eat normal food, take supplements, and avoid common mistakes that skinny peopple make.

However most people don’t seem to be as consistent when going to the gym or going out for a snack or hitting the sack on the right time.

I believe it is more of a lack of motivation case, than a lack of self-discipline case.

How I got over this hurdle: When I started training to have a model-type physique back in college, I failed miserably for having the lack of consistency.

I never worked out consistently since I always believed I could always workout for the times I did not. Which was wrong, since adding weight and gaining muscle is always about consistency (the less time you spend working out, the more consistent you need to be).

I always allotted time and effort to each workout, meal, and schedule because I always measured my gains every week. Seeing those 2 lbs of muscle gain every week motivates me to do more of the things that help me.

Failure to Eat Enough of the Right Food

IN relation to genetics, we skinny people are endowed with a very high metabolic rate. Either that or we’re just too picky. But it has always been an excuse for us that “no matter how much we eat, we don’t seem to be gaining enough weight”

How I got over this hurdle: Simply by getting trained, learning from others, experiencing the change, I have to say that most of us skinny guys have the metabolic age of 17 or somewhere around that number, which means, we need to eat more in terms of calories to add more weight.

Aside from considering metabolic age when calculating my caloric requirement, I also consider the activities I have for each day. I eat more high quality protein rich food during days I go to the gym.

I also eat around 5-6 medium to large sized meals a day depending on the activities. This takes care of the “tummy being full” problem.

Failure to Exercise Correctly

Working out vigorously and intensely at the gym is not the key to gain weight and add muscle mass.

When I started working out in college, I did what the MMA fighters did, being a Tae Kwon Do student back in high school. I gained some muscle, but soon hit a plateau where I had a hard time getting the physique I wanted.

Sadly that workout program was not cutout for weight gaining and muscle development but more on strengthening, endurance training, and toning.

How I got over this Hurdle: I went under training under a professional trainer who has went a long way to adding muscle to a lot of skinny people like us. And have learned the ways on how to workout properly.

He has also arranged a sequence of workout programs specifically targeting the right muscle groups to trigger muscle development for skinny people.

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