Jonathan Carl To, owner of “For Skinny Guys Only” used to be a scrawny skinny guy with a Body Mass Index of just 19 (barely reaching below normal threshold). He weighed 125 lbs and is around 5’7.5″ tall. That translates to about 56.7kg and 171cm.

With a 50-hour workweek as a full-time on-call programmer, he has very minimal time to spend in adding some weight to his current body build.

Being naturally slim and skinny, with a metabolic rate of an 18-year old, he loses weight faster than most guys his age and has trouble building muscle mass. That is until he decided to take a leap of faith and made some changes in a number of aspects in his life.

As of October 1st 2012, he now weighs 65+ kilos, has added almost 3-5 kilos of muscle, after only working out for only three times a week for the span of one and a half months under 5-year veteran trainer Lister Minge.

What’s good about this radical change is not having to give up too much of personal time and working hours. And the good news is that he is going to show every skinny guy how he did it and how he continues to put on more muscle.

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