May 022013
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I personally am not a skinny fat guy when I started but I do see some guys at the gym who are. They started out without much muscle mass and a flabby tummy. Probably because of all the empty carbs they ate from when they are pro-gaming or probably from the beer that they drank.

Or it could just be from their genes. Nonetheless, bottom line is that skinny fat guys do exist. And here are some tips to whip them up to shape.

The off side of being skinny fat is that in order to build muscle, you’ll most likely gain fat in the process, reason being you need to consume excess calories in order to build muscle. Building muscle while losing fat is very hard to do, and even so for skinny guys like us who already are skinny to begin with. And even more so because the moment we gain fat it is stored in the waist area, and the last place we lose fat is also in the waist area. However, if you do gain muscle while gaining just a little bit of fat, it will offset your tummy and still make you look buff.

Tips for Skinny Fat Guys

Get bulky in a good way through the right exercise.  The right workout with just the right amount of progressive overloading targeted for muscle hypertrophy is what you will need. If you are gearing for muscle hypertrophy and strength gain, you will be lifting weights with low reps per set but with weights reaching 60-80% of your MR(max rep). Without exercise no matter how much you eat, it will just go to your tummy.

Eat your fill every meal. Calculate your caloric requirement as well as your protein requirement, then spread them out in 4-6 meals a day. Your body can only metabolize as much in short periods of time and the rest of the energy that’s eaten but not used will be turned to ugly belly fat. So remember to portion your meals, as well as eat the right food.

Avoid the wrong food and drinks. You probably want to fill up your caloric requirements with a bunch of food that you enjoy. However, if you are skinny fat, you might want to ease up a bit on fatty food as well as other food that will not help your muscle building.

Don’t Starve for too long but don’t over eat either. Starvation can kill your muscle growth as well as break down your hard-earned muscle, not to mention add more fat to that tummy of yours. However, you can’t over eat and expect not to starve for the rest of the day, our bodies are just not built this way.

Workout every other day. You are building muscle after your workout, not during the workout itself, so it’s important to rest, sleep, and let your body rebuild muscle through right levels of testosterone and the right building blocks (nutrition, rest, and a wicked workout). This+1Share via emailSubmit to redditSubmit to StumbleUponShare on TumblrShare on Twitter



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