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If you don’t like to read on why it’s a sound fact that you can build muscle and gain weight just by working out 3 times a week, then the quick answer is “Yes!” . But if you’d like to read on for more information, be my guest.

Skinny People Don’t Need to Over Exercise and Spend Too Much Time at The Gym

Skinny people at start only need minimal cardio. I only walked around 5kph for 10 min at the gym when I started my weight gain program. And as experts say, a good workout should only last around 40-50 minutes at a time.

I actually rested more this time around than my previous endeavors to put on muscle and get ripped. During my college days, I worked out a circuit program and had all my muscle sore after the workout.

When I started working out this time around, I did a bit of cardio and only worked out 1 major muscle group per day (but the workout was intense) and some extra workout for strengthening.

Now I only work one major muscle group a day for 4 days a week with some shaping exercises at the end.

To Build Muscle and Gain Weight Skinny Guys Need More Rest and Nutrition than More Hours at the Gym

Calculate your caloric and protein requirements and see that you meet them daily.

Try not to violate any of the 10 commandments of skinny dudes that want to build muscle and gain weight.

This is actually as crucial as your workout.

Adding More Fat Into Your Body Is Not A Bad Thing, and It’s Easier for Skinny guys to Burn Fat than Add and Keep Muscle

I’m telling you this just so you know that resting and not burning your muscles up trying to burn the fat is actually good for you.

Michael Phelps eats more than 20,000 calories a day and still retains that beach body of his due to his metabolism.

We skinny dudes actually have good metabolism and can easily shed the fat by swimming and eating less (chubby people usually have a hard time eating less than they ought to than us, skinny guys).

Once you’ve felt the intensity of each workout that’s about to come into your life, you’ll definitely get what I’m speaking of here. “adding muscle is a lot harder than taking fat off, for skinny people”.

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