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Initial Impressions of N.O. Xplode 2.0

When the day finally arrived when I first received my order of N.O. Xplode 2.0, I could hardly wait to try it out.

I had long looked up reviews of this product ever since I heard it from my personal trainer at the gym and how this product turns a regular person into a heavy lifting monster.

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Even if it was half past 7 in the evening, I had to try it out and see the results. And see the results I did. For the next hour of workout, thirty minutes after taking N.O. Xplode 2.0, I was a lifting machine.

There were only a few times in a number of workouts that I felt really strong. And the first time I used N.O Xplode, I certainly felt that those were one of those workouts that I was at my best.

There was one workout session in the past where I couldn’t almost finish any of the exercises  properly, and I felt like I had just wasted my trip to the gym. That night when I took N.O Xplode was the exact opposite.

Not only was I lifting almost 20% more of what I could regularly lift, I was also completing my sets properly.

Long Term Use

I have been using N.O explode for almost 5 months now. And it has not let me down since the first time I used it, thought I do feel like its effects have degraded a bit since my body is getting used to the routine.

I changed my schedule from late evenings to early mornings. Reason being that after my first escapade at the gym with N.O. Xplode, I had trouble sleeping due to the caffeine content.

I never worked out in the morning before, because of the fact, my body feels so week in the morning, especially when I was just starting to get back to the gym just a year ago. Not only is my body dehydrated in the morning, my strength felt like it’s cut in half.

But with N.O. Xplode, I could work out in the morning as if it was late at night(when I felt I was at my strongest state).

So far after 5 months of working out and taking N.O. , I still say that it has never failed to prepare my body for the high intensity workout that lied ahead. There was even this one time when I only had 4 hours of sleep because of an extension of my day job. And N.O. Xplode, was even able to get me prepared for a workout bright and early.

Side Effects

So far I have seen no side effects from using this product. Perhaps mainly because I have been using one scoop for 30-45 minutes before my workout early in the morning. The serving size indicated at the back of NO Xplode 2.0 is for bigger people, unlike myself who happens to be of Asian ethnicity who is just over 170cm.

Some people need a scoop and a half to have full benefit of this product, but as much as pre-workout supplements go, observing the right amount is key.

Some people have mentioned dizziness or headaches accompanied by the use of this product. I don’t want to call bullcrap, as I don’t know how often or how much they use in proportion to their lean mass. Or if they have any adverse reactions to the ingredients in N.O. Xplode.

Personally, I have not experienced any side effects in my 5 months of using this product. But it’s very important that you do read the ingredients before taking anything.


Usage Tips for NO Xplode 2.0

As the directions advised, I only used 1 scoop on my first mix until my tolerance was assessed. The most I’ve increased the amount is by a measly 0.2 scoops.

I used it early in the morning after my first time using it at night due to the fact that it kept me awake for more than I planned for. Using NO xplode allowed me to change my workout schedule to early morning when I used to be very weak.

Using it in the morning, and working the hell out after ensures that I sleep really soundly at night.

When using caffeinated NO Xplode, try not to drink caffeinated drinks any time aside from when you are about to workout. This ensures that your body doesn’t develop any caffeine tolerance whatsoever, increasing the effects of NO Xplode(the ones with caffeine)


NO Xplode 2.0 comes in a variety of flavors (Fruit Punch, Watermelon, Cherry Limeade, Grape, Green Apple, Orange, and Lemon Lime). I’ve only been able to taste Grape flavor. But I like the way it’s fizzy and how it tastes like grape juice.

It doesn’t taste anything out of the ordinary, but it doesn’t taste bad either. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the best-tasting beverage I’ve had all my life, it goes to around 7. Which isn’t bad. It’s just below my score for water being that it does taste like it’s heavily flavored, but all in all, the taste is good.


It gets me prepped for an intense workout around 30 to 45 minutes after drinking it, and it’s very easy to mix. All you need to have is a cup that can hold around 8 to 12 oz of liquid, some clean water, and a spoon to mix it with.

I sometimes bring it with me to work when I’m working out near the office on special occassions when I can’t workout in the morning. Using one of the most convenient ways to bring supplements with you.


Compared to other supplements, NO Xplode 2.0 seems to be a steal. At 32 USD for 50 servings. That is probably why I can’t help but hear good reviews of this here in the 3rd world country I’m staying at.


If you are like me, and you are sick of experimenting on which pre-workout meal to eat or how much rest or what time of day do I need to workout just to maximize your workout, and who doesn’t want to spend all that much on supplements,  then NO Xplode 2.0 is for you.

If you have a bad reaction to caffeine, there are also NO Xplode variations out there that don’t have caffeine as well. However I have not tried them yet, so I can’t tell as of yet whether it’s just as effective, however, it is a bit more expensive though.

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