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After a few weeks of getting with the program( working out heavily for 3-4 times a week, resting in days between workouts, eating more than your daily caloric requirement with foods rich in carbs, fiber, and protein, and having gained weight and built muscle), you’ll notice a bit of muscle and weight gain if you’ve done it correctly.

If you have some friends who have not seen you in a week or two, you’ll most likely be excited to see their reaction to your radical change.

However, there are some weird annoying reactions you should expect. But a fair warning, don’t ever let it hinder your from reaching your fitness goals.

The Top 5 Most Annoying Reactions You’d Most Likely Get after Having Gained Weight and Built muscle

  • “Wow! You’re Getting Fatter Now, Aren’t You?”
    This is the most common reaction you’ll hear. And most people don’t even do this on purpose.
    It’s their natural reaction to your weight gain. You obviously did not just add fat into your body, but quite a lot of muscle.
    If you wear a shirt that is tight on the chest but loose at the bottom, people will just mistake you for getting fat, but if you wear a shirt that shows your V-shaped torso, it’s less likely you’ll get this reaction.
  • “Easy On The Steroids, My Friend?”
    It’s annoying to think they’d assume you to go that far just to improve your physique. Especially since steroids have been branded to be the unnatural, freaky, and easy way to get ripped or buff.
    Whenever I get this reaction, I just explain why I’d never advocate the use of steroids for muscle gain.
  • “The Old Skinny Look Suited You Better”
    However you look at it, this reaction is quite annoying because this is the exact opposite of what we’d like. We’re trying our best to improve our physique via working out, only to be subject of a certain person’s opinion.
    I have not encountered such a response from people, but I do treat some nonverbal response from people as such. However, I don’t really mind since I know I’ll be turning heads at the beach in the near future.
  • “You’ve grown a bit older / mature”
    Not only your body will be getting a bit bulkier but for most people, their faces also get a healthy amount of chubbiness, which is no means bad.
    But some people see this as getting a mature look. While some view it as being more manlier. Don’t sweat it, most women like men who are more mature than they are, anyway.
  • Indifference
    Some people will be indifferent. In which case, I just imagine that the people who are indifferent are just the ones who don’t know how to approach me. This+1Share via emailSubmit to redditSubmit to StumbleUponShare on TumblrShare on Twitter



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