May 012013
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candy_food_skinny_guys_should_avoid_when_building_muscleI did not start out as a skinny fat guy, but the moment I started dirty bulking, it happened. The fat gains were prominent and there was no easy way of going back. My dreams of getting a six back within the year of 2012 was broken as it was easily conceived. The reason was that when I dirty bulked, I ingested the top 5 food & drink skinny guys should avoid when building muscle.

That is right folks. As far as building muscle is concerned, for skinny guys, it should be smooth sailing, no restrictions eating, if you don’t mind gaining a tiny bit of fat. During my first 2 months of trying to build muscle, I did build me some 5 lbs, without having to choose what I ate, however, I did eat some stuff that I shouldn’t have and I did not find this out until the end of 2012.

What are the Top 5 Food & Drink Skinny Guys Should Avoid When Building Muscle

Avoid drinking soft drinks, especially colas. Not only do these drinks have no nutritional benefit at all, they contain high levels of simple sugar and caffeine. Simple sugars lower testosterone levels by raising the blood sugar level along with insulin and cortisol. Caffeine on the other hand is a vital ingredient in most pre-workout supplements and can be used as a part of a pre-workout meal, if and only if you ingest it only before workouts. Ingesting caffeine at any other time raises caffeine tolerance, thus reducing the effect of these pre-workout supplements’ effects.

Avoid candy and other sweets. Again, this is due to the empty calories that only become fat and don’t help any muscle gain or body recovery at all, as well as the fact mentioned above that these stuff will hurt your testosterone levels. Thus hurting your muscle gain as well.

Iced Tea and Other Unfamiliar Sweet Beverages. These don’t hurt your muscle gain as much as soft drinks, but they should be avoided all together. One reason is because they will curb your appetite. Although some juices have nutritious benefits, they are lacking in fiber.

Beer and other alcoholic beverages. Beer has never been meant for muscle gain. Again, empty calories. They not only have high calorie levels that get directly stored as fat right after digestion, these nasty beverages will sometimes make you puke if you get too carried away, disturbing your digestive process, destroying your dreams.

Egg Yolks and other cholesterol rich food such as whole-fat dairy. If you’ve watched Rocky drink 4 eggs from the fridge at 4am for breakfast, and decided to follow on his footsteps, I advise you not to do so. For one, Rocky probably has the capacity to handle that much cholesterol, he’s friggin Rocky for crying out loud. Egg yolks as well as fatty dairy have high fat and cholesterol content. The amount of cholesterol a person can eat without clogging their arteries varies from person to person, but as far as your health is concerned, please don’t take the risk of over eating eggs with the yolk. Not only will it add fat, it might even kill you in the long run.

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