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Here I’ve compiled 50 simple ways for skinny guys to build muscle.

50 simple ways for skinny guys to build muscle:

  1. Respect scientifically proven facts, eat your daily caloric requirement and adjust depending on your fitness goals. For skinny guys to build muscle and gain weight, add more healthy calories.
  2. Lift heavy weights slowly in 10 rep successions. If you already have enough strength, lift them slowly especially when lowering the weights.
  3. Don’t skip breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day
  4. Get enough protein. Multiply your weight in kilograms to around 1.25 to 1.5 depending on how much exercise you do. Make this your protein requirement every day.
  5. Set your goal as a weight you want to achieve. Make it realistic, time-controlled, and make it count.
  6. Measure your progress. Don’t let anything or anyone dishearten you from doing the right stuff.
  7. Learn from others who have done the same. Read the stuff here. Everything is learned from experiences.
  8. Eat a post-workout meal for faster recovery and less muscle strain.
  9. Eat a pre-workout meal. Typically a banana. It’ll give you energy for your workout without blocking fat burning.
  10. Eat at least 3-6 small-medium meals a day.
  11. Get enough sleep and rest at night.
  12. Avoid drinking beer or any colas, they are empty calories.
  13. Do just enough cardio. It will help warm your muscles up to prevent injury, and distribute the nutrients and fuel needed to do the workout.
  14. Don’t wear yourself out on the cardio though. Intense cardio means less intense weight training.
  15. Do the weight training properly to prevent injury and maximize results.
  16. Make every rep count. Don’t shorten the range of movement.
  17. Tuck in your lower back
  18. Don’t lock your elbows by straightening your arms in lifting workouts. Injury is almost a certainty.
  19. Never ever hold your breath. There is no such thing as proper breathing but the important point is to breathe.
  20. Drink plenty of water. Whenever your pee becomes yellow, drink a tall glass of water.
  21. Do some leg workouts such as squats. Working out large muscle groups release endorphines and other chemicals that help smaller muscle groups increase in size as well.
  22. Stretch after a workout, but not too much.
  23. Always lock your shoulders in place, don’t let them completely hang.
  24. Do not bend your wrists when lifting heavy weights, it causes problems.
  25. Don’t drop the weights.
  26. When doing bench press with dumbbells, place the dumbbells on your knees after each set before placing them on the ground to avoid shoulder injuries.
  27. When doing pull ups. Don’t sway. Just lean back just a bit and control your angle.
  28. Go for quality, not quantity. Higher weights with lower quality reps are worse than lower weight reps with perfect execution.
  29. Don’t under or overestimate your own strength. Measure your progress.
  30. Add plenty of protein-rich foods to your diet catch up without your daily requirement. But spread them evenly.
  31. Weigh yourself at least once a week to measure your progress.
  32. When people start to complement you or tell you you’re getting fat, don’t let it bother you. Don’t stop training hard.
  33. When laziness starts to kick in, make it a habit to not give in. Only you can change your own fitness destiny.
  34. Six pack abs are made in the kitchen not at the gym.
  35. Avoid losing muscle. Don’t skip any of your meals.
  36. Wear tight fitted shirts. It will make you feel a bit better of yourself than loose clothing.
  37. There is no such thing as spot reduction. If you’re fat % is above 17%, you might want to cut back on fatty  and sugary food. You can always out-eat your workout.
  38. Don’t be in a hurry to get huge muscles. Adding muscle is a very tedious task. You can only add as much even after doing all that is humanly possible in a natural way.
  39. Rome was not built in a day. Be patient with yourself. It takes almost 2-4 months to see the results, so keep at it. You’d be lucky if you see a better you in 3 months.
  40. Get a training partner, for safety, education, motivation, and spotting.
  41. If you’re too busy to cook your meals, eat/drink meal-replacement supplements if you can afford to.
  42. Avoid getting sick through intake of vitamin C.
  43. Cook eggs before eating them. Salmonella can make all your hard work be meaningless.
  44. Don’t let your body starve, if it starves, it starts to eat your muscles away.
  45. Don’t let fad workouts and fad diets fool you. Body building has been optimized to this day for a reason, science. I tried the 4-hour body workout and it did not seem to have as better results as the one done by most body builders.
  46. If you’re doing poor on a particular workout, try to lower the weight until you can perform it with perfect execution.
  47. If you can, cook your own food. Fast food are loaded with corn syrup, hydrogenated fats, and other bad stuff that’s gonna leave you bloated. In short, avoid eating fast food.
  48. Don’t overdo it. Only workout a particular muscle group once in every 48-72 hours.
  49. Plan your entire workouts before going to the gym. This is a good habit that will make sure you’re sticking to the program.
  50. Remember, safety first when doing all the workouts. Remember wrists, shoulders, balance, symmetry, elbows, and of course, your own limits.
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