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Fresh from the holiday season is a mind filled with bright optimistic outlook of a potentially good and productive year. One of the many aspirations that people have these days is to get that summer body this 2013.

If you’re like the many people who want to look good this summer, then you’re in luck because, if you’re reading this on January, you still have 5 months to go before summer hits.

Without further delay, here are the stuff you need to get that summer body for 2013:

A SMART and powerful goal

Here at for skinny guys only, we don’t simply say our goal is to get that summer body. We need specific goals to target.

Instead of setting a vague goal like “I want to look like a Spartan from 300 when summer comes” set a goal such as a target weight gain or fat percentage. To look like Leonidas this summer is an impossible task unless you’re already more than halfway there.

Remember that the body has its limits, effectively you can only lose a certain amount of pounds of fat and gain a limited amount of muscle per week as well.

At a normal healthy rate, with optimum rest, nutrition and exercise, you’d only be able to gain as much as 1-5 lbs of purely lean muscle a month depending on your genetics and how much muscle you already have.

So, set a smart goal for yourself at the start of this year. Make it SMART. Specific, measurable, ATTAINABLE, relevant, and time-bound.

A Solid Plan To Get That Summer Body This 2013

So you plan on adding lean muscle and lose a bit of fat this summer? Not that easy.

First you need a solid plan. There is a 3-pronged approach to get that summer body this 2013. It’s through proper nutrition, exercise, and rest.

The plan will entirely depend on your goal. If you’re a skinny guy, and I do mean really skinny, you will have to start with strength training, then muscle gain, then perhaps a bit of toning if you bloat up a bit.

A warning to those who want to just add lean muscle and cut fat from a skinny build. I’ve tried this back in 2005, I got demotivated at how much work i’m doing and results don’t seem to show. This will be discussed later on.


As mentioned above, gaining muscle is a very tedious but rewarding task. And by tedious I do mean it takes a lot of time and PATIENCE.

Rome is not built in a day. So we should never expect to workout a week and expect people to notice our results. Heck, from a skinny frame, I worked out almost 3 months until people started to notice I’ve been working out.

If you’re a skinny guy and decide to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time, you’d be working out a lot but will not see much noticeable improvements for months.

Depending on how skinny you are, you might see a bit of improvement in your muscle mass right away, but others will probably not notice.

The solution, add some healthy fat along with the muscle. Don’t restrict your diet. Eat as much as your plan dictates. Create your weight gain diet plan through this simple method and choose your own food.

Don’t mind the fat at first, as soon as your fat % hits about 17%, you’ll pretty much see an increase in bulk. This will motivate you even more to lift more and work even harder.

But if you insist on just losing fat and gaining muscle right away, be ready have people not notice any improvement at all for months to come.


So, you’ve got yourself a diet and workout plan, a SMART goal to get that summer body this 2013 ? While 50% of the people who’re already that much dedicated will set a SMART goal, and only 25% of the people who have set the goals will write down a plan, only 30% of the people who’ve actually done both would stick to the plan consistently.

The master key to riches is self discipline, and it’s the same thing for pretty much anything.


3-5 hours a week is all it will take to gain muscle. If you’re a busy person like me, you’ll only need to shell out that much time in your week to start working your plan.

The knowledge

Stick around and tune in for some valuable info both for workout principles and for some nutritional info for the average busy skinny guy who wants to get that summer body this 2013.

Remember, there is no perfect workout, and no perfect diet plan that will work for all. Each of us has to work from somewhere, this is where knowledge of how to get to where you want to be will count.

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