Oct 182012
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busy skinny guyAfter deep contemplation, I’ve decided to compile the top reasons why it is difficult for busy skinny people to add muscle mass and gain weight.

The Natural Law : Form Follows Function

In nature, form follows function, and since the nature of work of most busy people nowadays involve typing, pushing paper, reading, going to meetings, and so on, it’s only natural that the muscles would not be well developed.

On the other hand, people who are paid to look good, like athletes, actors, celebrities, tend to maintain and achieve their physique much easier.

Form follows function. When the human race were running from wild animals back then it was unnatural for them to get fat or unfit, since it humans needed to develop their muscles day to day back then.

Now, it doesn’t apply anymore after the advent of modern technology. But thankfully, modern technology can be thanked for a much more safer way of developing our bodies now, instead of pushing rocks, running from animals, chasing food back then.

Solution: Get into the right fitness program for your current physique and find time at least 3 times a week to workout. If you don’t workout often, your body will naturally get weak again since the muscles are not getting used to getting worked out.

Skinny People Are Always Off to Work

Since our careers as busy skinny people naturally would demand lots of our time and stresses us out most of the time, it’s only natural that we are always in a hurry to get to work or even change our schedules in an unnatural way in order to cope with work.

Busy office people who want to build muscle skip breakfast or other meals and they often ask themselves why they don’t get anywhere despite their workouts.

Skipping meals is a big no no when it comes to building a great physique. It leads to muscle burnout and also makes fat buildup much easier.

Busy people also need to meet deadlines and most often lose sleep often. This is another key factor to building a good physique. But even if busy skinny people had the choice to sleep earlier, most often they feel unsatisfied with their day and keep partying or playing  or just plain staying up late into the night.

Solution: Identify the stuff that are pulling you back. If you know certain activities caused buy certain peer pressure is causing you to lose sleep or skip meals, learn to say no and put a stop to it. Saying no to one’s self and others is not a bad thing, especially if what you’re saying no to doesn’t bring you closer to your goals.

Also, schedule your work properly. Don’t leave everything to chance and respond to circumstances. Try to look for ways to manage your time wisely. There are stuff that only need be done at a certain time to work, namely, sleep, food, and workouts.

Unless you can turn back time, you’ve missed every opportunity to get the body you want every time you put it off. Worse of all, not only does it stop progress, it pulls you back.

Skinny People Have Habits that Keep Them Skinny

The reason some people are skinny is because of their habits. And as we all know, “If you keep on doing what you’re doing, you can expect just the same results every time”.

Same is true with building a better physique or adding muscle or getting buff.

Skinny people have skinny people habits, that involves their diet, daily activities, and exercise. Skinny people tend to have a very small storage for food, so they eat less, however, having a high metabolic rate, get hungry, but don’t eat frequently.

Skinny people have high resting BMR and RMR, which means they metabolize food really fast, but don’t keep feeding their bodies quite as often as it needs.

Also, skinny guys tend to be athletic or busy with video games or computer programming, or stuff of the like, making them stick to one thing for hours on end. Meaning, they don’t stop to eat when it’s just the right time to do so.

Solution: Bring snacks with you all the time. Oatmeal cookies, snickers, canned food, or anything that you can conveniently feed on.

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