Jun 102013
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Reason # 1 Why Skinny Guys Have Trouble Building Muscle – Confusion

Being the systematic, logical, and brilliant thinkers that we are, and the fact that we have been reared in a society wherein the academic structure has taught us the relationship between action and results, effort and reward, sowing and reaping, we’re conditioned to think that we’d see results  given that we are doing things according to plan. (that is why magazines claiming “See Results in 3 days” sell so well)

And when we don’t see the results we’re expecting, we tend to think to ourselves, maybe we’re not doing the right things after all. Or maybe our course of action is not moving us towards our goal at all.

That is when most skinny guys have trouble building muscle and quit or try to do things incorrectly. This is the equivalent of the scenario described in Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich wherein you “stop three feet from gold”.

The fact is that we cannot see the the results right away. (not in a week at the very least) Being skinny guys who have trouble building muscle all our lives, we cannot expect to gain a pound of lean muscle every week, we’d be lucky enough to build 2 pounds of lean muscle in a month. But once you get the formula just right for you, you’ll be maximizing your muscle gains in no time flat.

The only solution to this problem is to know whether we’re doing things right and sticking with our plan and readjusting it according to results. Fortunately, we skinny guys are often men of science, and what more of a way to take advantage of this than to do this the most scientific way as possible.

Enter the body composition meter.

The body composition meter is a very helpful tool in determining results. Using this to monitor my progress in the early years of my training, I was able to determine what works and what doesn’t using the scientific method of having controlled and independent variables.

The controlled variables being the time of day, the amount of clothes, and the hydration I have each time I take the measurements, and the independent variables being the food, workout, and rest I get.

Tanita is a brand well known in the industry of impedance-method body composition measurement, and I use a body composition meter every week (you will not see significant results each day) to gauge my performance and evaluate my mistakes. It helps me not to get confused of what is working and what doesn’t as well as keeps me motivated to build more muscle and try out different things one at a time.

Keeping a record of your readings each week can also help you motivate yourself and project whether you need to make adjustments in your diet or workout accordingly.

Reason # 2 Lack of Consistency

I’ve seen people be able to build muscle or lose fat from time to time, but let their everyday grind get the best of them.

Some skinny people have a hard time building muscle not because they lack the plan or the knowledge, or the nutrition to do so, but because of lack of consistency to persist.

This is more of an internal conflict or self discipline issue more than anything else. It only takes around 4-6 hours a week to build a significant amount of muscle. Making a commitment to yourself to give yourself that time and opportunity to build muscle is the key to success.

Solution: Create rituals and commit to a greater cause. If you cannot commit to yourself or lack the self discipline to do so, commit to a greater cause or even just to another person (a training partner or a friend). Or do it like me, create rituals that will make you go to the gym and work as hard as you can.

Every night before a workout the morning after, I already prepare the program I do, and set aside the clothes I’m going to wear the morning after. In the morning, the first thing I do when I wake up is take a pre-workout supplement on an empty stomach, and start preparing my stuff for work. At a thirty minute mark later, I start on a jog to the gym and work myself out at my peak potential.


Back in high school and college, my workouts have not been consistent, and I have had trouble with my schedule, and sometimes bum out whenever the time felt right. The things I described above kept me from doing so because I had more of a reason to workout, than before. I had already taken the pre-workout supplements, and already dressed up for the occasion. What was left was for me to just do it.

Reason # 3 The Lack of Infomration

Back in college and high school, I had not the slightest idea on how to train myself properly. All I knew was seeking people for advice. Back in the day, different people offered different advice. This musclebound guy told me this, and this other guy told me that.

I trained under different training regimens. I even tried out some of Bruce Lee’s training regimens.

I even hurt my left rotator cuff, torn some ligaments, and lost some muscle in my past endeavors.

All in all, I failed because of the lack of the right information.

Solution: Research, research, and more research. The key to getting the right information is following a person who has reached a milestone that you’re trying to reach, from a starting point where you’re starting.

Most skinny guys get dissuaded after trying out the things that overly muscle-bound people teach on the internet, due to skepticism and down right confusion of whether this is the right stuff for them or not.

And most people back off right off the bat due to the overload of information thrown at them.

Here at forskinnyguysonly, our goal is to provide simple tips on nutrition and workout designs for you to be able to help figure out what’s the best course of action for you without having to get much of your time. And for you to avoid the mistakes that most skinny guys do and keep on doing.

So, we invite you to take a healthy step at muscle-friendly nutrition by following the basics.

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